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Foucault : by Gutting, Gary. Publication: Oxford, UK ; | New York : Oxford University Press, 2005 . 124 p. : 18 cm. Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Reference (194 GUT) .
Women in India : by Prasad,Sweta. Publication: New Delhi : Viva Books, 2011 . viii, 192 p. : , Contributed articles. 23 cm. Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Science (305.420954 PRA) .
Crime Against Working Women by Tripathy, Prabhat Ch Publication: New Delhi Ashish Publishing House 1998 . 391p Holdings: Christ Junior College (331.4133 TRI) .
Far from the tree : by Solomon, Andrew, Publication: New York : Simon & Schuster, 2012 . ix, 962 p. ; 25 cm. Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Social sciences (362.4083 SOL) .
Future crimes : by Goodman, Marc. Publication: London: Coorgi Books, 2015 . 682 p. ; , Inside the digital underground and the battle for our connected world. Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Social sciences (364.168 GOO) .
Money Laundering/ by Kumar, S Publication: New Delhi: ALP Books, 2013 . 271 p. ; Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Social sciences (364.168 KUM) .
Crime and Corruption in India by Vij, J R Publication: New Delhi Friends Publishing House 2006 . 345p Holdings: Christ Junior College (364 VIJ) .
Everyday probability and statistics : by Woolfson, M. Micheal. Publication: London : Imperial College Press ; 2012 . x, 278 pages : , Includes index. 24 cm Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Statistics (519.2 WOO) .
Malala : by Yousafzai, Malala, Publication: Great Britian: Indigo, 2014 . 245 pages : 22 cm Holdings: Christ Junior College ->Autobiography&Biography (954.91053092 YOU) .
The Bhutto murder trail : by Mir, Amir. Publication: Chennai : Tranquebar Press, 2010 . viii, 280 p. : , A candid and well researched analysis of the assassination of one of the world's most charistmatic leaders, Benazir Bhutto. The author is not afraid to speak his mind about who killed Benazir - and why her assassins cannot be brought to book. As Benazir Bhutto's 3rd death anniversary falls on 27 December, this is a book which needs to be read, in India and across the borders. Drawing on personal anecdotes, meetings, off-the-record conversations with Benazir Bhutto, and the emails that he exchanged with her just before her death, Amir Mir brings us a carefully documented reconstruction of the assassination that rocked the world, the events leading to it, and its aftermath. His meticulously researched book is also a chilling expose of the symbiotic relationship between Pakistan's formidable military and intelligence agencies, and the radical Islamic terrorist groups entrenched there. From the murky details of the 'election rigging cells' that Bhutto was on the brink of exposing, inside information about her 'designated killers', the dubious security cover, the wanton destruction of evidence at the crime scene, the cover-up that began soon after the murder, the scapegoats, the arbitrary arrests and the compromised investigations, to the outright deceptions of various military top brass and even members of her own party, the book reveals it all... 21 cm. Holdings: Christ PU College ->PU-Evening College (954.91092 MIR) .
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